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Get off!!

Imagination baby can take you far
Don't be afraid to come off slightly bizarre

It can be scary baby ghostly I am
I'm coming through like I'm the
Lost son of sam
Lost son of sam

There's nothing safer baby that is a fact
Turn into something go put on something black

But don't you worry
Cause you'll never get hurt
And everybody feelin
Sexy say yeah
Sexy say yeah

When you're feeling kind of gorgeous
Call me on the phone and
Get off!
Get off!
When time is kinda precious
I can come undone and
Get off!
Get off!

Russian champagne in the back of the car
You can be the bubbles I'll be you dracula

I've got a million other tricks up my sleeve
Go get you'te jacket babe
Get ready to leave
Ready to leave

If you don't wanna go feel free to sit tight
Two talkaholics we can do it all night

But if you're longing for some real human touch
I'm coming over just like
I am too much
I am too much


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